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My name is Tim and I am 15 years old also. I started my business when I was about 9 or 10. When I first started out I only had a 21&quot; Sensation flip handle an old echo pb400e and an 8 hp Little Wonder push blower and 1 customer. My business has grown a little but I have upgraded equiptment a lot. I now have 7 customers and my equiptment consists of <br>- '94 scag 36&quot; belt drive<br>- '99 stihl br400 backpack<br>- '00 stihl fs85 weedwacker<br>- 2 wheeled 6x8 dump trailer<br>- '87 stihl weedwacker<br>- '87 echo pb400e backpack<br>- '89 Little Wonder push blower<br>- old 21&quot; sensation flip handle mower<br>- bobcat 21&quot; mower<br>- several green barrels and a grass gobbler for my scag<p>
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