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My name is Rich and I'm from New Jersey. I'm am 16. I've been in business for about 6 years and commercaily for about 3 years. A couple of my freinds with trucks work for me and that's how i get around.<p>I currently have around 25 lawn accounts but that number goes up every day. My accounts are 90%residential and 10% commercail. I do more landscape than maintance work. When I'm not doing my own work (which i usually am) i work for another landscaper in town.<p>My equipment is:<p>2-36&quot; exmarks <br>1-48&quot; ransomes<br> -about to buy a 52&quot; scag hydro<br>2-21&quot; push mowers<br>1-push edger<br>1-8 hp giant-vac (buying another next fall)<br>1-stihl br400 backpack<br>1-redmax eb6200 backpack<br>2-echo srm2400 trimmers<br>1-6.5x12' trailer(what's left of it after a little accident a month ago)<br>1-hedge trimmer<br>1-stihl 029 saw<br>-tons of handtools and other misc. stuff<p>Next year when i get my license i plan on getting a nice pickup, a new 16' trailer and a new ztr(probly a lazer or great dane surfer). I'm also probly going to fix up and old chevy mason dump my dad has.
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