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Originally Posted by ARP View Post
I can't quite compare the power between the two machines because I never ran them side by side. The main reason I really did go with the Bobcat was because of their RTO program which allows me to get into a machine set up the way I need it to be setup. I really liked the Cat's undercarriage and the visibility around and to the front of the machine. The rear was not so great and could definitely be seen as a serious safety issue where I have to work around laborers on the ground, or those big tree trunks that like to come out of nowhere when mulching and hit you.

The major things I liked about the Bobcat were the quiet cab, electronic lockout, joysticks (not as much resistance as the Cat ones), sheltered hyrdraulic connections inside the boom, and the comprehensive forestry package. I also never found the visibility to be too much different from the Cat's to the front and side, although the lower "tub" on the Cat did allow slightly more visibility to the sides. Power wise, I do like the fact I can lug the Bobcat's engine and power through some tough areas- even though I really haven't put it to the test yet.

Once I get some time in the machine I will feel more comfortable about giving a fair review. I will say, I can't wait to hook a mulcher up and let er' rip.

On a side note, the T320 is one sexy looking machine! As long as I have no drive motor or SJC (joystick) failures that cause massive downtime, I am sure she will make me a boat load of money and help grow my business to the levels I want to reach.
Good information looking foward to hearing more. Yes that t320 is very sexy!!
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