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Canon- thanks for the well wishes. Yes, it sure looks like a lot of money- and that's what I want it to look like. However, the truck is one year used (fantastic deal on it by shopping way outside of my region), and the machine is on a RTO as discussed. The trailer is the only thing that was an out of pocket investment and is owned outright. (A quick shoutout: Thanks to Wendall at Fayette Trailers for getting the trailer up here- fantastic people to deal with.)

Insurance is the only other monthly overhead expense and by shopping around we were able to get a "big boy" insurance policy for a fraction of what it costs the big boys.

And yes, we thought used, but I have no need for any other machine than what I have on that trailer. Excavation isn't happening so I adjusted the business plan accordingly. Plus, in my area there aren't too many forestry equipped machines in good condition. The joys of being in a niche market I guess Once excavation picks up again, people can be sure I will be swinging those excavator buckets just like everyone else

Thanks for the comments!
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