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Lawn N' Order is a 11 year old sole propreitorship operating north of Toronto, ON. I have enjoyed it tremendously going from part-time to full time and now back to part-time again. I have 'spilt' my business two times and reccouped my investment many times over.<br>I do strictly residential with my two sons and another helper. We do about 30 lawns/week; usually on Friday and Saturdays. I still have a large # of my original customers.<p>I use all commercial equipment. Toro/Ferris/Echo/Shindawa. I have all my equipment on a 6X8 trailer. My son will be taking over most of the duties this year and I wish him as much fun as I have had.<p>I do have a full-time job working for a very large insurance broker. We also insure a great many landscapers and applicators across North America with what I understand are very competitive rates.<br>E-mail me if you want further info.<p>
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