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Thanks all for the comments all!

Bobcat Ron: Ya, the machine is going to have a nice long warranty just for the SJC and the drive motors. The other T320 on site has had computer, SJC, drive motor, and fan issues. Granted I don't know how they run the machine, but it looked a little rough. Hopefully my machine won't have those issues.

Bombi: Thanks for the update on your machine! Nice to hear that you still like it and haven't experienced any major problems. The terrain you are working on sounds very much like the terrain I'm on (pics are coming!). And yes, after starting out on an 863 Bobcat with the rowing paddles and foot pedals, I will never use anything other than joysticks again. Alot more precise and less subject to hitting a pedal accidently in rough terrain.

Bobcatuser: It's funny that you mention ride control. I just saw that it was an option in the manual the other day. If I do end of keeping the machine, I will have the dealer install the option. As it was now, they turned the machine around in 3 days last week so that I could start today. There wasn't too much time to install anything other than the radio and forestry package. I'm not traveling that fast as it is, but going down the access roads I can definitely see why ride control is a nice option. Good idea on the attachments going on the trailer- depending on how things fit on there I will keep your suggestion in mind.

Junior: Thanks for the compliments! When the other attachments come in I will give your idea a try. I've done a similar thing in the past with a industrial grapple and bucket and it worked pretty well.
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