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Well let me know when the race is on and I'll be there. 10-15 years maybe? I'll let you two have the beers, I'm a Mike's Hard Lemonade (cranberry) kinda guy myself- got a serious sweet tooth.

I still laugh when I hear about how the oil tycoon Roman Ambrovich brought his three, 200'+ yachts to a south american harbor and had breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a different yacht. Let's just say I get my inspiration from some crazy stories.

And yes, as I was bumpin around the ROW way today stacking brush, there were definitely a few moments where I knew I would not want to have to be doing that everyday in 10-20 years. Don't get me wrong, I love equipment, but man, stacking brush sure can get boring and some of the bumps were pretty knarly!

Dirtdigger- good luck with the engineering training. After having several friends go through what you are going through, I can certainly appreciate the challenge you are facing. It will definitely serve you well in the end though.
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