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Originally Posted by ARP View Post
ccstrebe- Thanks for the advice. I never really knew how it worked before other than it was a hyrdaulic accumulator. I will assume that the RC function differently on different brands, but did you have to press a swith to activate the RC or did it work automatically?
Ride control is does it's own thing if it's turned on. Now, I don't know about Bobcat, but some ride control setups have 3 modes; on, off, and automatic. As you can guess, on means it's on all the time, automatic will kick in when necessary and lockout when not necessary, and off locks it out entirely for running attachments on the ground.

Best of luck in your endeavour and good on ya for getting your degree. I just couldn't do 4 years in school, I'll finish my AA but that's as far as I'm going to go. College just isn't my deal but I'll never bash someone who spent the time to go.

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