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Originally Posted by ccstrebe View Post
I don't know what your problem is with Cat and your always wanting to make them look bad. But I guess for you I will have to be more specific so as that you are not jumping at any opportunity to minimize the perfomance of my 297 not a 272.

The Case 450ct used 5 gals per hour to run and the Cat 297 uses four gals per hour to run, is that specific enough for you. Besides being more fuel efficient than the Case the Cat has a bigger tank, thanks for pointing that out.............chalk up a couple more reasons to go with Cat. Also, the Cat is a lot easier to fuel up than the Case was, you can actually see when it is about to top off.
Ease off the trigger, I was only pointing out that CAT has bigger tank.

The CAT likely is more fuel efficient, small engines with small power out put typically are.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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