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Thanks for that post ProCut. This is a topic Ive wrestled with for awhile. I opted to stay small and only run equipment I could pay cash for. Keep my route extremely tight and only take on yards that fit my "niche".

Once I did this, I immediately noticed greater profits. Not higher gross....but higher profits. I got more pennies out of each dollar I made. So when a customer died, moved, or got didnt affect me. They were easily replaced.

I began enjoying the job SOO much more once I went this route. Solo has ALOT of advantages. And now this summer my son will be old enough to help...but I still consider this solo or small..

Every once in awhile I get the itch to chase the big accounts, buy nice equipment, hire help and so on. But when I crunch the numbers, it just doesnt seem worth it to me.

So thanks again for confirming what I was pretty sure I knew already. Its great advice.
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