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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
Thats why a business plan is very important in any busines. When you wing it it goes bad. Good luck to you.
Thank you

Fortunately my new business is going great. Im still digging out of some leftover crap from the lawn business but I have learned the hard lessons and wont repeat them.

I chose a business and a client type that has limited competition.

Unlike the lawn business, qualifications, ability, and references play a much bigger role than they did cutting grass. Price still matters, but on this level you are dealing with a more level playing field.

A guy with a bucket of sealer and a brush wont be competing with me.

Its other companies that have similar overhead, similar payroll, similar material costs, and similar reputations.

In the lawn business, the same condo complex accepts bids from Brickman, Trugreen, the 3 truck operation, and johns lawncare and roofing.

You still have your lowballers, you still have price shoppers, but not as much.

I decided i was going to go into this business big from the start. I immediately specialized in large commercial work that very few competitors are equipped to handle.

I do very very little homeowner work, because, like the lawn business, I didnt want to compete with every guy that has a can of sealer and a roller.

Its just as much work to sell a commercial property on a $50,000 job, as it is convincing mrs jones that paying you $150 to seal her driveway is better than the handyman for $100.

The last thing I wanted was another low margin, volume business.
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