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Originally Posted by Incrediblelandscaping View Post
I think you are absolutely correct pro cut, The successful business owners are the small ones. My philosophy is why get big when I can make more money staying small. More customers = more equipment and more equipment = more over head, all this comes to more debt. And sorry to here about your business.
Thats true...sometimes.

There is no common rule to it.

Walmart sells cheap stuff....They are the "lowballers" of retail. Theyre also the largest most profitable company in the industry.

You have guys that are successful and make a great living staying small.

you also have guys who are successful and make a great living and run a large operation.

In the sealcoating business I grew very fast and Im the largest operation in my area.

The difference is that I learned the dangers from the lawn business.

I could make a nice living sealing residential driveways with a helper.

I make a nice living now with my average project being over $20,000.

I was the operation that all the lawn guys drooled over. Had the new shiny trucks and trailers. Had gangs of uniformed workers. Commercial accounts...Equipment up the wazoo.

I was the guy everyone wanted to be. Little did they know it was all fake. And i followed the model of another guy, who I wanted to be. hes out of business now too from having 7 crews on the road.

In the business Im in now. I am somewhat at that status. I do the big jobs. I have the fleet of trucks. I have the gangs of employees and equipment.

But it took me failing miserably to get to here.

And its still not easy. If i had done things right all along and I was better prepared, I would be three times as far as I am now.

Im still digging out of past mistakes. Money is still tight. Debt is still high.

The important thing is that Im headed in the right direction. I learned from my failures and Im not going back there.

Im still not as successful as I make myself sound or I look on the street. But without a doubt, Im headed there.

Falling on my face was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The business world will eat you alive and you will never see it coming.
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