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Nice post Procut.

I fly solo for the most part (about 99% of the time). I am, however, a big solo op. I have my core group of lawn customers that provide my base sales, then I have a ton of customers that I work for on call, they call when they need something, mostly jobs that only need to be done a couple of times a year.

My enclosed trailer has no lawn signage on it at all, the only thing I have on it is a sprinkler repair ad on the back of it. I do get a few jobs here and there from that.

I also do a great deal of palm tree trimming, that is the bread and butter part of my op.

I stay super busy, almost too busy for me to handle, usually running a week or so behind during peak season, almost to the point of needing regular help, almost to the point of losing business. That I dont mind so much cause I have projects stacking up anyway.

I have found it is that "almost" point that gets a lot of guys in trouble, thinking that bigger is better. Friends/Family are always saying to just hire a couple of guys to do the work for me, and I wont for fear of exactly what you posted. The way you explained it is almost exactly how I figure it goes.

I would rather stay a moster solo op then a struggling, on the way out mid size LCO.

that is my $0.02.......
The great thief of opportunity is procrastination!
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