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Originally Posted by justanotherlawnguy View Post
Nice post Procut.

I fly solo for the most part (about 99% of the time). I am, however, a big solo op. I have my core group of lawn customers that provide my base sales, then I have a ton of customers that I work for on call, they call when they need something, mostly jobs that only need to be done a couple of times a year.

My enclosed trailer has no lawn signage on it at all, the only thing I have on it is a sprinkler repair ad on the back of it. I do get a few jobs here and there from that.

I also do a great deal of palm tree trimming, that is the bread and butter part of my op.

I stay super busy, almost too busy for me to handle, usually running a week or so behind during peak season, almost to the point of needing regular help, almost to the point of losing business. That I dont mind so much cause I have projects stacking up anyway.

I have found it is that "almost" point that gets a lot of guys in trouble, thinking that bigger is better. Friends/Family are always saying to just hire a couple of guys to do the work for me, and I wont for fear of exactly what you posted. The way you explained it is almost exactly how I figure it goes.

I would rather stay a moster solo op then a struggling, on the way out mid size LCO.

that is my $0.02.......

Everything can be overcome. Going big does not equal failure.

Going big but not knowing what lies ahead does.

The hard part about this business is that it IS so easy in the beginning.

Everything works like you think it should owning your own business.

The more you grow the more you make. Customers come pretty easy. Money comes pretty easy.

In the initial growth stages it really does look like the sky is the limit.

You can go big. There are many big successful profitable operations out there who have made it.

But for every one of them there are 50 of me.
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