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I was growing and growing, but too a look at the overall money I was putting in the bank at the end of the day. My employees walked away each week with a bigger pay check after I paid out all of my expenses. I cut back and started doing more work myself and started eliminating the "friend" jobs that didn't pay. Plus those "friend" jobs were the ones I was driving 40 minute one way to do. I found a way to do more with having less...sold the dump truck that only hauled 4 yards of mulch and started hauling the mulch on my trailer that'll haul 6 yards. Less trips = more profit and I no longer have a dump truck payment. I just found little things that made a big difference. After 11 years in business, I finally have money in the bank and can do things how I want and when I want. It's not always the best to be the biggest. I grew slow at a pace I felt content with. So many people spend thousands and thousands on NEW equipment, advertise out the wazoo...and...get 10 total clients after all that...and...have to fold cause they aren't paying their bills.
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