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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
Everything you guys say makes sence if your winging it. If you have a business plan and focus on it you can do very well.
Exactly right.

Its about being prepared.

Face it. Most of us got into this business because it was easy. Yes we make nice stripes, yes our customers love us.

Yes we think we;re great and the other guys suck.

Compared to most anything else you can do, this business has the easiest entry.

Growth happens easy.

The thing most of us dont come with is business experience. For most of us, the lawn business is the first business we have run.

We learn as we go.

Cut grass. Charge more than you pay out. Make a good living.

We take those basics and apply them when we grow.

And for a very long time, that simple rule works. Cut the grass, pay the bills, have whats left over.

Cut more grass, pay a few more bills, and have even more left over.

That works for a real long time.

For many it works forever.

For guys like me however. I saw the guys with the fleets of trucks mowing the condo complexes and thats where I wanted to be.

I wanted to be the guy with a bunch of crews.

As long as I kept growing, kept adding customers, kept buying equipment...I was on the way.

One by one the closer I got to becoming "one of those operations" I saw them disappearing.

You would hear the stories at the mower shop how so and so just had a truck repossessed.

What a moron I would think. That guy is HUGE!!. How would he not make a lousy $400 truck payment. Hes got 10 trucks and all those guys and all that work.

Well in my 10 years in the business, I saw them come and go.

All along thinking they must be morons to screw it up with all the work they had.

How many guys must be wondering right now "How I screwed it up"
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