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Originally Posted by jsw2008 View Post
I worked part time for an operation similar to yours several years ago before I started my own. Sounds like a carbon copy of your story plus he constantly over booked himself and got a bad rep for not showing up for jobs or estimates. So he not only had the debt to worry about, but the bad rep was preceding him and people were really starting to talk about how bad his quality of work was. He's still "in business" but he's down to one truck (had 3 before) and one mower (that he's tried to sell several times and even called me about it) and one helper (had a crew of 5 before). I feel sorry for the guy because he has two small children and a stay at home wife. But I knew the first day I worked for him that he would fail. He had no organization, he would pull crew off of a job to go do some other little bs job and never go back to finish the first job. He didn't pay his employees on time. The list goes on. I learned a lot about how NOT to run a business in the short time I worked for him.

Sounds familiar

You have all this work that youre obligated to do. No money to make the payroll that you already have.

But at the same time the phone is ringing off the hook for other work.

You get a landscape job that will bring in some quick high profit money.

Pull the guys off the lawn work that youre losing your butt on so you can do the landscape job. The landscape job will cover your payroll thats due in 2 days.

Now your guys are on the landscape job and the lawns are calling and complaining you didnt show up.

Pull a couple guys off the landscape job to take care of the "pains in the asses" that are calling about their lawns.

2 days later, lawns for the week arent finished. The landscape job isnt finished because you had to mix in lawns.

Customer not paying for the landscape job because its not done.

Payroll is due today.

Gotta tell the guys that just worked 70 hours that week busting their butt for you that you have to pay them a couple days late because they didnt finish the work so you can get paid.

Now you have ticked off customers, unfinished jobs, and really ticked off employees.

And usually throw some oddball in there to ice the cake.

The lawn crew damages something at a house....The supplier cuts you off as youre picking up the last little bit of material to finish the landscape job.

Or the employees refuse to come back to work until you pay them.

So now you have no material, no money, pizzed off customers, an unfinished job, and no employees to finish it.


And everyone that knows you thinks youre rich. Including the employees.
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