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I put a deposit on a new bedroom set the other day.

The business has plenty of money and more than enough to buy it.

Joe however is pretty broke.

Ill be picking it up on thursday. Thats when I get my paycheck.

It takes a lot of self discipline to do that.

I wouldnt be sleeping on springs tonite if I took the money a day early.

Whats a day early?

Its a step to the past. Seems like no big deal. But to me, its a personal thing.

Take the money tonite, get my bed. Pay it back from my check tomorrow.

Old habits creep up on you like that. Everything I did before I crashed made sense at the time. It always worked out when I "crunched the numbers"

But its like taking 10 dogs and pulling their tails. You probably wont get bit. But keep doing the wrong thing and you;ll find one that takes your hand off.

And odds are it will be the friendly happy looking one.
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