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Originally Posted by letsplay View Post
Good Posts................a little off the subject but How do you guys professionally tell a customer or potential customer you just don't have time b/c you just are too booked at the time (you want to do the work, and need the work but if you do it their is going to be a domino affect like mentioned in posts above, not finishing the job at hand, pulling guys off projects that need to stay put, etc).

Probably my biggest fault, not saying no b/c I am scared another project might fall through then we don't have work lined up.

Exactly like you just did.

The honest approach almost always works and almost always gets you the results you want even when you think it wont.


If youre too busy to do a job....Even if they have someone else do it...They are still a potential customer in the future...

If you take the job...Screw it up...Or make it a bad experience for the customer...They are gone forever.

Do the right thing now. Dont worry about the sale you may lose today. It will come back to you times 10.

Case in point.

Heres a screw up.

I had a commercial customer needing some road signs replaced. The job was practically a freebie, and i kept putting it off cause we were busy.

After them calling a couple times, I got to it. But the signs came in wrong, so i had to send them back and get the right ones. Now i tell the customer its going to be a couple more days.

All is said and done, signs are changed. Customer is happy. Total bill $225.

A month later i drive by and the entire lot is being sealcoated. This is a job worth close to 6 figures. IM FLIPPING OUT....THEY DIDNT EVEN ASK ME FOR A BID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I call the customer, and basically said "what gives?"

Her response.

I figured you were too busy to do this job since it took you so long to get to the signs.

Lesson learned.

I didnt want to give up the sign work and it cost me a six figure job.
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