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You have 2 mulch suppliers in your area.

You call company 1 and order a delivery and he tells you hes out of stock until monday.
You need it tomorrow. So you call company 2 and get it.

You would still call company one again if you needed something right? Big deal. He was out of stock once. No reason you wouldnt do business with him next time right?

Suppose company 1 was afraid of losing the mulch sale. You order it to be delivered tomorrow. He says no problem.

Tomorrow you and your crew are on the job.

No mulch. Its now 10:00 and still no mulch. Call him at 10:30, he says "Im swamped, Im trying to get it to you"

12:00 still no mulch. Your customer is ticked, youre paying guys to do nothing.

Call back at 1:00. Finally says he cant get it until monday.

Wasted day, ticked off customer, lost payroll, lost income, job not started, schedule screwed up.

Tell me you wont be telling everyone you know how that mulch supplier screwed you.
You;re experience was terrible. You will never call him for anything again.
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