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Thanks Procut. I have had just the same experience too many times as your sign example. I think hearing from another person about learning from this example is good for me. I have gotten in the same trouble with doing "almost freebie" jobs for friends, family, or designers that have gotten us other projects. We say we are coming to do some work and then every day have a reason to not be there b/c we need to be at a site making money and keeping our word about the service we were hired to do. It comes back to bite you in the butt from a financial point (probably doing that small project for double what you said) and two the designer friend or contractor friend that has other work does not call you back for other work b/c they figure if you can't help them get a small project done on time then how are you going to be reliable for other projects............Time for us to change as you have aswell. Sounds like you are happier and learning from the past but moving on. It is hard to do and I understand after doing this for eleven years and being one footstep away from being too big or over my head.
Thanks for the feedback.
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