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Another thing ive learned is your first impression of someone can be dead wrong. Also your feelings after meeting with someone can be dead wrong too.

Im very good at sales. Thats what I do for the business full time. I usually know pretty well after a meeting whether or not my company is getting the job. Im usually right.

Key word...usually

I have left meetings knowing in my head that I nailed it. I figured Id have the contract on my fax machine before I left their parking lot. The meeting went great, the people love me, I could not ask for better.

Then I drive by a week later and see the work being done by someone else.......WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Ive had meetings where the other party seems to be paying more attention to the dust on his desk than me. Asks no questions and basically seems like he just wants me out of there so he can get to lunch. Cross that sucker off the list.

Get in my truck and my phone rings......$50,000 signed contract on my fax machine from a meeting I thought was bombed.

One of my biggest customers I met at dunkin donuts on a sunday.
I had a company polo on and was just grabbing a coffee on my day off.

I go to get in my truck and this guy that looks homeless approaches me and asks for a card. The way the guy looked I was leery to give him one, but I did.

I get a call on monday from a guy that "met me yesterday" and wanted some work quoted.

I racked my brain and couldnt remember anyone meeting me so I get the address and go meet him at his modest middle class house.


There was the dude from dunkin donuts. He was all cleaned up and looked like a human.
He is also the managing partner of his Doctors practice.

Woo Hoo......A doctors office.....

No...Not a doctors office.

6 gigantic healthcare properties with gigantic parking lots. It was a doctors office alright. About 75 doctors at each location.

The "homeless looking guy" in dunkin donuts doubled my sales 2 years ago.
The doctor that I was going to blow off because I dont do anything that small......well you know the rest.
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