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Originally Posted by letsplay View Post
I think that contractors also undervalue their "time" especially owners...........Not just that you have to fill up a truck with gas or go get the payroll for the week but the time inbetween to do those tasks and its value or loss in profit etc. I know the guys that just say they are making a killing cause "my overhead is low" and all I have to worry about is filling up my gas tank/machinery and their payments and the rest is "all profit".
They don't save any money for when that bededger breaks down or it rains for two weeks and you have no money come in etc. All they want to do is run out and buy a shiney new truck that they think will make them more attractive to potential clients and they get into dept over their head and it goes on and on. There are a lot of nice shiney trucks here for sale right now!
Ill expand on what youre saying here.

Most owners have the wrong mindset once they have crews.

Once I had crews on the road doing "all the work" that freed me up to do

Run the dumptruck to supply material
pay bills
collect money
run around when the crews needed somthing
swap out broken machines
post office

And all those other things that us bigtime owners do.

Any job that needed to be filled I would fill it.

If a crew was short a driver, I took the crew out.
I fixed the broken machines.
I ran to the parts store.
I bought the supplies.

Look at how much I was getting done and how much money I was saving by doing that all myself.

Hmm....Still broke....Work pretty stagnant...

Who was running the business while i was running topsoil?

There is one thing that Im better at than anyone in my company and any of my competitors and that is sales.

I can sell the job better than anyone. Getting it done back then was a different story. But I did sell my socks off.

Wait a minute?

I have the ability to sell high dollar, high profit work better than anyone.......

And Im playing office clerk?
Im playing truck driver?
Im playing mechanic?
Im playing mower operator?

I have the ability to sell projects in the tens of thousands of dollars and Im spending my time trying to save $10 an hour in payroll.

I took on a $10 an hour job in my company...

How stupid was that?

And none of those jobs was I great at or i really liked like I like sales.

Well, I woke up.

I hired someone for the office. Hired someone for the misc. crap outside and hired people to do anything that interferes with what I do best. SELL

And the numbers speak for themselves.

I promoted someone to take over operations and I do nothing but sell all day everyday.

I sell the work, and she coordinates and gets done everything that I throw at her.

I cant hire someone to sell like I can. But I had no problem hiring someone that can put stamps on an envelope like I can.
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