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I cant count how many times Ive been accused of bashing or "talking down" on this site.
Or how I come across as "arrogant" or I think Im better than anyone else.

I made this post to clear that up.

When someone makes a post about how they are quitting their job in a recession with benefits and a family.....And in the same post is asking how to bid a job......That to me is scary.

He will get 2 pages of congratulations and "charge a dollar a minute and you be fine"

Then that arrogant bastard Procut throws his negative attitude in there and pees on everyone party. Usually posting a link to a thread like this that dies within an hour of me posting it.

Most of you see a guy thats going for the dream. Hes heading out on his own. Hes doing what youre dreaming of doing while youre at your regular job dealing with a boss.

Thats what many of you see.

I see a guy that has no idea that in 6 months he wont be able to pay his mortgage, bills through the roof, no health insurance, and a wife that is ready to leave him for quitting a steady job for some "be your own boss" dream.

I see a guy that will be wondering what went wrong. He used to make great money cutting grass.

A guy thats going to be floored when he sees that health insurance for his family costs as much per month as his mortgage. It only cost him a few bucks a week in a payroll deduction before.

A guy that sees just how much his regular job hid and supplemented the expenses of owning your own business.

A guy that quits his job, takes his retirement money, buys equipment, then a month later the grass is all burnt out for the rest of the summer.

He never cared about that before. Burnt grass just meant he stayed home after work and made less money that week.

Now that burnt grass means he makes NO money. The mortgage is still there. His family still needs to eat. The bills keep coming.

Thats what I see when I see those posts. I see guys that have so little knowledge about business that are about to make a drastic decision that will almost certainly lead to failure.
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