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Originally Posted by humble1 View Post
thats the best time to raise the price. Marty Grunder seminar I went to: If you are closing more than 10% of your bids, you are too low in price.

I don't agree with that. I think 30% is reasonable. If you're only closing 10% of your bids, that leaves alot of time wasted.

I look at Marty, as I would look at a college professor. They teach the skill, not necessarily how it applies in the real world.

For example, a horticulture student learns how to pull weeds in school. What they don't teach, is that real world jobs require that its done quickly. Clients aren't going to pay $60+/hr for somebody to poke around in their beds and only pull a few weeds every hour. There aren't time constraints when your in a classroom environment.

Apply it to Marty. In a perfect world, with perfect profit margins, and perfect specifications; you may only need/expect to sign 10% of your bids. An average real world company cannot survive on those numbers.
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