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i sold joe/procut a truck a few years back.. been talking regularly since then.. his entire post is pretty much my story.. like he said its not a death sentenance saying every business will fail..
was i driving a brand new suv, had a fleet of trucks, 20 guys, 5000 sq. ft. shop, yes sir i was.. was i also losing more money then we took in sure. we were in that "mid zone" took big and too small at the same time. im know i could have kept pushing to a large company but the money and stress wasn't worth it.. we started getting beat up in the residential market then moved into the commercial market. i had a run of a very few good years and then the big national companies came in and started slashing prices like crazy edie. we were getting pushed out heavily.. i phased out all my maintenance and just started doing landscape install work.. making a lot more money, with 1/10th the headaches. Best thing i ever did, although i do miss cutting grass and all that it entails sometimes. i wouldn't consider it a failure but i def gave up.. i was miserable day in and day out, wasn't sleeping stressed to the max.. seeing brand new mowers, whips, blowers, dissappear, get ruined in a week. it was a never ending battle, i woke up every morning just wondering what today was gonna cost me.. i give a ton of respect to those that run large businesses, successfully...

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