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Originally Posted by PROCUT1 View Post
And to add.

Now your customers, who you have been mowing for $30 are getting flyers in their mailboxes everyday with $20 prices.

They want you to match the price or they will try them out.

What now?

It costs you more than $20 to do the lawn.

Now you post a "lowballer" thread or a "how can he work so cheap" thread here on lawnsite.

But in reality.

The guy at $20 is making a lot more money at that price than you are even if you doubled his price.

Until he decides to grow................
I read your thread and it is a slap in the face. A good slap though. A few years ago this happened to me . I blew up ,went from 32 customers to 98 in one season. i did no flyer's or anything. I had 2 part-time guys and my self. They went full time and after a few months my full time night shift job went 16 hours a day 7 days a week. So I put them in charge. My service lacked the personal touch my customers wanted. Instead of slowing my real job(had a choice) and making this one work, I closed up shop and gave all the customers away to other small time guys.I was out of bus. for about one year and started back up. This time I'm doing it slower and making sure it will work this time. Your thread has really hit home, and is an eye opener. Thank you for the reality check. Good luck in life.
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