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Well....after reading some of the threads here, it's painfully obvious to me that most people here don't have a SOLID business plan. Without it, chances are the business is doomed to fail unless you keep it small and simple like 100 acounts or less. Even then, you can have problems. Yes, it's nice to grow your business because it's your very own. But, the mind can and will play tricks on you if you let it. The next thing you know you're out of control and wondering where in the hell did I go wrong. Ah.....maybe it was the business plan I never took the time to draft, recheck and check constantly to see how I'm doing and what changes need to be made to improve.

My advice is to stay in your element whatever that may be until you're an expert at doing it. Grow with cautious optimism. Double check your numbers at least once a month if not more. Use credit only when it's to your advantage to do so, not because you have to because you just signed 1 large customer and need a 13K Z to service that account. What happens if 2 months into it they become a pita or worse a deadbeat?

I see all of this equipment for sale here and other places with low hours. You can bet the farm unless the equipment is a POS, somebody got in over their head. For what? They took a gamble and lost. Don't you be that person.
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