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Originally Posted by scottgalat View Post
In his posts, The original post'er has referred to multiple mistakes made while operating his business. No problems he mentioned were rooted in "size". No business, regardless of size, will overcome poor management, poor time management, wasting of resources, and lack of proper supervision....and that's only what he's told us in his short 5 minute posts on what he blames for his demise. i'm sorry but he's not made a case for "size" issues as a cause of failure. He has made a good case for poor managemment issues as a cause for failure. Sorry.
I defiantly made a case for poor management.

Heres the difference.

As a small operation.....Profit margins are very high....You can make a lot of mistakes, as most people do, all along the way and that profit margin will hide them.

There will come a time when you go from counting dollars profit, to counting pennies profit.

The difference is.....Most people growing the business dont know that time is coming.

Its definitely poor management. That has been proven. If it was anything else nobody would make it in the business.

But plenty do.

Poor management is the point of my entire thread.

Its still poor management if 99% make the same mistakes and end up the same place.

You just dont realize what poor management is until you hit that point. Up until then you think your doing everything right and are on a rocket to the moon.
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