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GREAT POST! I have been in management for several Large companies and I know several owners of firms now that are in the 3-5million range that have told me in private that if they could do it all over again.... they would do it solo or with only a couple of workers. That's it!

I have seen soooooo many multimillion dollar firms operate in the red year long. We used to have sales meetings about raising our prices on ALL new accounts and having a minimum monthly dollar amount. They were even screened over the phone by the office girls. Our sales goals were HUGE!! But we came close to meeting them every year. But guess what.... we could sell over a million each and we were still in the red at the end of the year!!!

I tell people ALL DAY, Every Day..... know your costs! Understand your costs!! Live your costs!!! Going out and going in debt to get into business is foolish and reckless. But most of us still do it. It's a mower here... blower there... tree here.... flower there. Customers that normally pay every 15, well now they are net 30. That messes with your cashflow. What you have said is true. Most people have been there or are there.

This is exactly why I FINALLY went on my own. When I started and to this day, I have no intentions of being big. I turn down work so I can stay small. I like being solo plus one. The biggest I ever want to be is one crew maintenance and one install. But that is far far away. Keep preaching Procut!!!!
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