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Originally Posted by letsplay View Post
I agree that a business plan is important but you can have the best business plan money buys but if you are not on top of it, and constantly ask "what can I do better, what is not working for us etc" you are fooling yourself.

Alot of guys I know in the business, including myself operate without a business plan. I believe they are only worth as much as the paper they are written on. When you're first starting out, they may help.

Whats more important are the financials (cash flow forecasts, budget planning, etc). Just writing down you want to shoot a goal for "x" number of lawns is really a waste of time in my mind. If you know what you want to do, and know how to react to problems; a business plan is unnecessary.

I would read a book about business, before I wrote my own business plan.

Thats just me though.
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