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Originally Posted by letsplay View Post
QualityLandscape, You are right on with purchasing equipment. I have the same reasoning with tools like saws that will pay for themselves quickly or you are paying more to go back and forth to the rental shop and renting alot.
That large skidsteer or backhoe is not making you money sitting at the shop but I cant tell folks getting starting enough not to do this..........but that is my 2cents. I hate it when I get a call up from them looking for work or they will lose their tractors or trucks or if I am interested in purchasing them....We buy used so their loss is our gain sometimes but I don't like seing anyone go out of business.
Yep. The backhoe story is true. I actually got a call from the guy, who had posted that ad on Craigslist. Asked if I would be interested in splitting payments and use of his machine 50/50. Now why would I do that? I could just let him keep his mistake, go out of business, and buy the thing outright for the 50% I would have given him to share it!

People dont think.....
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