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Tscapes I have had friends working for multi million dollar companies and they are miserable. I have never understood large companies that boast large sales figures for the year but their body language totally changes when you ask about profit........I had a chance at a younger age to work for a large national company when they started up in our area and thought it would be great. I had worked for myself for a few years and things just went flat with our business for a while so I looked else where. I asked about the hours I would work and salary/benefits etc. I got one story from management and then talked to an employee after hours. 80 plus hour weeks during peak season less money (profit) then I was already making and more responsiblity/more headaches. I already worked those kind of hours and made more money and got to still be out in the field getting my hands dirty building stuff. Guess the point is why do you want to get so big that you work miserable hours, make less profit, lose your marriage or friendship with others. I know that not all large/medium companies are like this but most employees or owners I have talked with say their companies are sucking the life out of them and their money. Good luck with your business and dont let all this advice scare you off. Their is good advice here even if some of the stories have led to failure. But look what some people have done with that failure.......helped some of us that are riding the fence or think we are the only ones going thru this.
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