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I dont mean to give the wrong idea here either.

Not everyone is going to go from small, to big, to brink of failure.

Those who know whats coming, plan for it, and make it through just fine.

If you know that there will be a time that your expenses will rise disproportionately to your income and that your profit will go down for a while during that period, you can plan for that and be prepared for it. Then when it happens, it wont be a surprise and it will only be another step in building your business. It wont be the catastrophic failure that hit me, and others who didnt see it coming.

I am not one of those guys who say "stay small"

I love growth. If the business is not growing, I might as well get a job.

All of my "doom and gloom" isnt meant to discourage anyone from growing to the next Brickman if thats their goal.

Im pointing out where i went wrong, because so many people told me what Im telling everyone here and I didnt believe it could happen to me.

If youre prepared, what is a ten car pileup for most businesses, will just be a speedbump for you.
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