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One responder has said he's re-thinking the 2nd truck addition based on lower expectations from that 2nd vehicle/crew. As an LCO it is possible to know 100% how much that truck will earn you each day, IN ADVANCE. If your route is 30 residential accounts for that day, from that crew. With the right equipment. reliable transportation and good employees...your getting those 30 lawns done. It is my favorite part of being in this business. After you have created PROFITABLE ROUTES, use your management skills to put the gear and people needed to service the routes. Good equipment is available, Good employees are available. Good customers are available...the issue is????? I'm sorry, I experience smooth operations from
a minute-by-minute planned schedule carefully developed from complete knowledge of the customer's property, location and needs and how to BEST apply the resources available to attain the highest possible profitablility MINUTE BY MINUTE. Wasted minutes? Why? What can be done to get that property to maximum profitability? Three minutes wasted at 30 properties per day is 1.5 hours/day x 5 days X 4 weeks/month x 12months/year
$16,000 to $20,000 in annual wasted income, MY MONEY. 5 trucks out?
$100,000/ year wasted because "less-then-best" was acceptable.
$16,000 per crew? Three minutes/stop. Sounds anal? Stopping $100,000 in waste annually...I'll be a bit anal.
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