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Originally Posted by FourTrees View Post
There is lots of good info, but there is also some perceptions.

Not much has been said by any other than a couple of people about having a business plan. Seriously it is you most valuable tool.

I think someone that is firmly entrenched, or has some guidance in understanding how buisness works will get a biz plan first.

I also think that this is one of the easiest side jobs p/t to get into. Something to pull a mower and some small tool purchases and an ad in the paper and your off to the races right. So having said that you have some years of growth and you go full time. You still dont have a plan, you think your making money when you really arent, because you dont know what your break even point really is. You go by "what every one else is getting" I remember back in the early 90's charging .03 per sq ft to hydroseed 1oK Why becasue that what was the prevailing price. Labor rate was X because that is what most people charged. How many times have you guys said to someone else in the trade- "Hey what do you guys get per irrigation head installed" noone ever meets someone at a seminar to talk about what their breakeven point is? What their fixed costs are, what their variable costs are. The biz plan is usefull but you need to understand all your operating costs.
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