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Originally Posted by PROCUT1 View Post
And that right there is the answer.

Thats how I do it now. No credit for anything.

If I need a machine I wait till I have the money to buy or I rent it. Everything is paid in cash.

If I cant write a check for it I dont buy it.

If you have no debt, you are much less worried if the work slows down. Then you just make less money, instead of going further in the hole.
Thanks PROCUT.

The other day I saw 2 BRAND NEW Duelly trucks parked side by side with the same lettering. They were there over 3 hours. So im sure they made no monwy that day. Both had new trilers with new equiptment, I just wonder how in the world someone could pay for those, the rigs would have to cost over 100k each. Im glad its not me.

I dont understand that nonsense at all, my 6000$ tuck will leave just as good lawn stripes as your 60000$ truck will, and customers know it.

As far as all the renting goes, if you use something even occaosinally BUY IT. You can buy a good useable skid steer for 12K, why rent and spent 5k for a year.
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