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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
Do you understand now WHY I insist on driving an older, used truck?
Do you see why I about faint in dismay when I see these guys here on LS talking it up about the 2004-2009 models?
Hell it must be nice, I drive a '95 that cost me 4 thousand paid for in cash,
the truck before that was an '86 and I just got rid of it 2 years ago.
My first truck was a 1974, I think, the '95 is my third one and it's the nicest.
Just as an example, a lot of my stuff looks older, and a bit wore out, but cost is the reason.

But the best part
It used to eat me alive, watching the guys with their new shiny crap and crews.
And to listen to the guys here, even now, talking BIG...
Oh, and I'm the scrub.

Then the customers, some like to looking down on me because of that, too.
They just don't know how that feels either, you know what it feels like from your side of things,
then the whole lot wonders why I get so angry some days, why they should try it from my side.

But one day...
Someone on here said something a bit of time ago, it helps me a lot, and it stuck.

Debt looks beautiful from the outside.
If someone invests the time and money into a business and cant afford to buy a new truck if they want it. Maybe its time for another line of work?
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