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Originally Posted by delphied View Post
If someone invests the time and money into a business and cant afford to buy a new truck if they want it. Maybe its time for another line of work?
Its all in timing.

You can afford a new truck.

You will be able to afford all new trucks and all new equipment.

Its just a matter of doing things right in the beginning.

Its about avoiding the temptation and the rush to sign your name while business is growing.

Doing it smart you will get everything you want.

I personally want a $200,000 a year personal salary. I want a farm. I want my wife to drive whatever brand new car she wants. I want a great business with new trucks. I want a nice facility.

And thats what Im working towards.

Thats my goal in this business.

But there is the right way to get there and the wrong way to try to get there.

There is no large, successful operation I know that didnt involve a lot of sacrafice and tough decisions early on.

Making the right choices in the beginning will open up everything you want.

And. If you cant write a check for the full price of a new truck.......Then you cant afford it. Period.

I want a new truck. Right now, my business is making monthly payments into an account. Once the money is there, then I can go write a check for it.

Heres the really fun part........The part that Im excited about.

When I have 35-40 grand in that account.

Will that look better in the bank, or in my driveway? Thats a choice I will have to make.

Maybe a 2 year old 18,000 truck in mint condition will look better?

Who knows. But It will be a great feeling to have.

It will feel a lot better than the 2 year old F-350 fully loaded 4 door diesel with 60,000 miles, with a 600 payment, and a 25,000 balance thats sitting outside my office door right now.

And you know what?

The thrill wore off a long time ago.

I have 12 trucks. And I dont feel any different driving my truck, as I do any of the others that i own outright.

What a good feeling it is to know that the trucks are MINE. If there is no work, they will still always be MINE. I dont have to worry about them getting taken if i cant make the payments.
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