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I understand that there are numerous cost involved with running that big of an operation. But, everyone doesn't need a new truck. The office guy doesn't need a new truck or a truck at all. The supervisor doesn't need a new truck or a truck at all. The back up truck doesn't need to be new either. Several dump trucks, Why? Mowing crews don't need a dump truck.

What I'm getting at is, I see alot of wasted money. Which can apply to any business. I think this is a great thread and topic. Too many guys come on here and try to get as many customers as they can working cheap and then realize that its a business like any other business. Having 500 $30 lawns means nothing. Having good paying lawns where you are making a profit is what matters.

I'm not knocking you, I appreciate your story. It makes you think and realize that there's no point in running around busting your a$$ for nothing. The next time some of these guys go out to give an estimate maybe they will think twice about lowering there price just to get the job.

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