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Oh there's one more thing:
Folks can't sell a truck in hock, not saying folks don't try it, but who is going to buy that crap?

I sure don't want it, go pay that joker off first, then we talk.
I want the title free and clear already, why should I deal with their bank?
When I buy a car I have cash in hand, all of it, but I want the car and the title and the keys and no BS.
Because I'm not giving them the down payment so they can go make their final payment.

Lots of folks up to a whole lot of wishful thinking, they dream and here some guys come along and ruin their buzz.

If they can't afford the car in and of itself, what else is wrong with it?
No sir, a car that ain't paid for is almost as bad as if it were stolen,
there ain't no telling what maintenance didn't get done.

Why would anyone buy anything they can't pay for at the time of the sale?
And folks wonder why customers sometimes don't pay.

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