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Herbi will do the job, just need to be very careful in applying. You are using a very high concentration, 5 pints to do 3/4 acre. If you stop to scratch your nose, and don't stop flow, you have a dead ring in lawn. All droplets are close in size, so no worry about drift. You will still have to spot spray along borders with other ground covers, because you won't want to get too close to them. Your only concern is calibration: different size tips are supplied to get a 60ml/min flow rate.<p>You will be somewhat limited on the products you can use. Some herbicides will not be effective in CDA type application. Many Trimec products, Roundup, and Riverdale's Millenium Ultra and Cool Power have label directions for use in Herbi. Most likely Lesco's Momentum will not work, because it is a mix of Confront, and that will not work in Herbi.<p>They also have a unit that will spray a 6&quot; to 18&quot; band, the HerbaFlex. Width is determined by height you hold machine, so you have to be good at calculations to figure concentration of solutions for different widths.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>
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