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Thank you for such a great post. I have been on the fence this year about wanting to go on. So far I have seen three trucks with new business names for some sort of lawn work, and its only February. It's only going to get much, much worse. This will be my fifth season part-time, and so far all my equipment is paid for. Used, but paid for. However, I need a bigger trailer, and in all necessity if i get a new trailer, my 92 ranger really needs to go to a 1/2 ton or so.
Now I find out my best friend wants to start a mowing business, he is in debt from a business that went under, just like pro-cuts. Got too big for its britches, HAD NO bookkeeping at all (I know I worked for him) and now he owes ALOT of money. Asked me in a rude way if i wanted to give him my accounts, and then work for him, because he'll be bigger then I am, and it "would make sense"
I was about to give in, but I took solace from your post, I'm going to re-examine my numbers, get my advertising ready, and only pick up x amount of customers. I'm not sure what that X will be yet, but I wont be like last year, trying to be everything for everybody.
Thanks for proving not all landscapers/mowers are cocky jackasses.
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