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I just purchased a load of a house brand, manufactured by Nutrico(?) of Bridgeport CT, looks like Lesco inside and out but cheaper. Ill see what it does, if its ok Ill keep buying it. <p>The Lesco near me pisses me off, he wouldnt give me a price list this year, I had to walk in the store and tell him what I wanted, he loads it on the truck and then tells me the 19-3-7 with pre-M is 16.50 a bag, he can keep it, made him take it off the truck. Landscaper Supply 20-0-5 with Team Pro is $12.99 a bag so thats what I bought. Only real difference, Lesco is 30% Poly coated urea Landscaper Supply is 30% Sulfur coated urea, what lesco used to be.<p>Bill<br>
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