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Originally Posted by King Cuts Landscaping View Post
The top guns are sick. A few guys in my boat club have them. Mines a 1987 36ft c-a-f-e racer. She weights a little bit (10,000lbs) so the 540s got beefed up two years ago to run with the tops guns. Shes pushing right around 780 hp per motor. We hit 96mph on gps last summer with me and my buddy in the boat and about half tank of fuel, which was almost shortly gone after that. Burns about 40 gallons per tank per hour at 5,600rpms. Needless to say she didnít get out on the water much with gas at $4.70 a gallon on water price. Good luck with the top gun and if you are ever in the Annapolis Maryland area give me a shout!

Ya the Cigs are my favorite. Thats bada$$. Last summer we were on a buddies Scarab seemed like every 10min we were stopping for gas but we were just going balls to the wall all over. If you ever wanna bring it to the Lake of the Ozarks I got the condo!!
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