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I always use the solo products also. I guess its always been a standard to me, because thats what my professor who sprayed tree farms with used. One thing to look for is the type of pump. Solos have two types, a piston and a diapharam pump. The diaphram pump in better because it is completely sealed. The piston pump, over time, has tendency to start leaking because the piston seal wears down and begins to leak. <p>I was just a lesco, and it looks like they have a contract with solo now. They had a diaphram pump model, identical to the solo in every way, for I think 70$. Also, home depot, (how i hate to mention that name though) has the solo piston pump for around 80 or 90. I think there is a size diference between some though (3 or 5 gal), so check that with the price.
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