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Larry, I view purpose of forum as sharing of information, not policing. Hopefully a novice will learn the complexity and want to get his license. When I started in business, I had no idea about licensing, and only found the details when I attended a class well after I started applications. Not too many homeowners will want to hunt down the commercial formulations we use and buy in the quantity generally available to the industry. There is too much already available to them on the store shelves.<p>Perhaps in this forum it would be a good idea to post something, similar to my post of a few weeks ago, on a regular basis to advise newcomers about the legal requirements. This approach was, and still is, used by some newsgroups to enlighten new members about group operations and FAQs. Someone could post it bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the activity here, so the information stays current in the list.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>
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