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First let me say how glad I am that there is forums like this one.There is so much usefull info that its almost priceless.<br>now to my question.Im new to the lawn care industry (in business for one year) and I have decided to expand my services to meet the needs of my customers and hopfully apeal to new ones also.So I decided to get my Applicaters card and offer pesticide and fert. to my customers.So now I have to decid what equipment to get so I can offer these services.Should I get a big, liqid spray equipment ( 200gal skid mount sprayer) or a small back pack unit ( 8 gal ).Or maybe cut the cost and go with granual fert. and Pest. spreader.My clients are maybe 80-20 mostly resdiential lawns of 5000sqft. or less however I do have much larger commercial accounts that are well over the 5000sqft. mark.So far the clients that ive questiond were interested in these additional services.Oh ya I have a total of 60 lawns to maintain.<br> I have already found a suplier of equipment and chemicals he will sell me a skid mount 200 gal,4,275psi pump at 4 g.p.m. ,hose real, 200' of 3/8 hose and gun for $1800.00 Wich I thoght was resonable.So there is my delima.All info is usefull info. thanks, Crash
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