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That's a good price on that sprayer, but I would not buy one of those.<p>The newer equipment for fert/weed is so much nicer, faster, better & cheaper.<p>If you've got 60 lawns/8,000 average, you'll get half for fert/weed this year or 30+ lawns. 250,000 sq. ft. or so. (Post back if I'm way off, cause that'll change things.)<p>For these applications, get a M60 sprayer from Perma-Green (800) 346-2001. It costs $350.00 and mounts directly to your fertilizer spreader. You can fertilize and spray weeds at the same time. Or just spray or just fertilize. You can change back, forth or both instantly as the lawn(s) dictate.<p>Better looking turf, less weeds, less time, less chemials.<p>Money saved.
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