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A few more, some old some new old 05' sea doo rxt which I should have never sold. Nothing like being able to pull a tube, have a passenger, and have room for enough beverages and other necessities for a full day. And being able to get close to 70mph even in decent chop is always fun on a ski. I almost pulled the trigger this year on the new anny edition sea doo rxt x 255hp but wasnt able to get myself to drop 14k on a ski...

Cant take full credit for the 07' basscat P2 anniversary edition as it is my old man's but I do enjoy getting use out of it for sure. 200 merc (really 224hp I think?), best speed so far is 71mph with 2 guys and near full tournament load. We still have to fine tune the jackplate and hoping to get a few more mph. Its usually quite an event at the boatramp with questions and comments about the rims coming from guys you would never expect to like shiny 20s. My dad had an 88' ranger bass boat before this bass cat so it was quite the upgrade.
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